We are passionate about non-profit organizations.

There is no better way to support our community than to roll up our sleeves and help a charity or other non-profit. These take on many different shapes, sizes, and programs.

From associations to corporations, churches to cemeteries, they share two things in common—each has a mission and the need to comply with a plethora of laws and regulations. Our mission is to help.

 The IRS and State agencies consider charitable non-profits to hold “most favored” status. The contributions are not taxable to the recipient and are deductible by the donor. You must meet strict laws to maintain that status. We help you know those laws and set up systems to comply and report on that compliance.

The reporting will likely be from management to the board, the organization to government, donors, and the public. That can take the shape of audited, reviewed, or compiled financial statements. It may also be information returns such as Form 990, 990EZ, 990N and/or CT-12. We are proficient in all of these.

Do you think you need an audit?

Audited or reviewed financial statements require that you have a CPA firm look at your books in varying degrees and give an opinion on their accuracy. Audits are more thorough and represent our highest level of assurance service. Reviews give less assurance but are more affordable. Typically a third party such as a bank, grantor, or government agency requires one of these types of services. Compiled financial statements contain the same information as those above but without our opinion and the work behind it. These are often enough for small organizations that report to the public and individual donors.




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