Prepare for a successful audit.

Why should financial statements be audited?

Financial audits are most often required by a third party — a bank when seeking a loan, a government agency providing funding, or as a requirement for a grant application. An independent audit reviews existing financials prepared by the staff accounting team and/or another CPA firm. Non-profits often provide audited financial statements to their board of directors. This demonstrates accountability and good financial management.

What is a successful audit?

The goal of an independent audit is to get a “clean” opinion from an unbiased accounting professional. A successful audit validates the financial management of the organization and the accuracy of financial statements.

A successful audit of financial statements also provides two benefits to a non-profit and its board — it details the use of resources and delivers an independent view of internal controls and financial reports.

While conducting your audit, our friendly auditors will discuss any problems we may see in your internal controls. We can then guide your staff, if you wish, in applying the processes that will ensure good stewardship of your assets.

Our audit manager, Gayle Klampe can give you the unbiased opinion you’re looking for and a successful audit.

Our goal is not to point out problems. To us, a successful audit provides quality financial information to you and your stakeholders. When board members, donors and outside grantors are confident in your financials, they will recognize your integrity and the professional management of the organization.

Prepare for a successful audit

When books and records are in order and available, you should save money on audit fees. The audit will go more smoothly for you and your staff, and we’ll be able to complete our work quickly.

Download our audit preparation checklist to plan for a successful audit. When you meet with your auditor, this list might be modified for your unique situation. 

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