Oregon Minimum Wage Increase 2017

Jun 23, 2017 | By: Shannon McIntire

Basics on the Minimum Wage Hike

In 2016, Oregon Governor Kate Brown enacted the new wage law that will steadily increase the minimum wage over the next 6 years. The debating was done, and the bill passed; now here we are in the second year of the planned increases. Let’s review the basics & confirm the new rates for 2017.

Oregon has three wage areas; Standard, Portland Metro & Non-Urban Counties. They all have a different wage increase amount specific to the employer’s area. This year, the wage will be $10.25 in Standard Counties, $10.00 in Non-Urban Counties & $11.25 in Portland Metro Counties, effective July 1st.

To determine which wage area your business falls under, the Bureau of Labor & Industries (BOLI) website has an easy to use map & list here. Spoiler: Marion and Polk Counties fall in the standard area - meaning $10.25 is the base pay for most of our readers.

The new wage posters should be posted imediately in a location easily accessible to all staff. Remember that wage posters are always available on the state websites & you should only be charged for one if you choose to have a colored or laminated version through a third party.

Use this link for the free 2017 posters in English & Spanish from BOLI.

We recommend review of your employee files to be sure your company is in compliance.

Keep an eye on the first payroll period that includes July 1st to be sure you have paid your hard-working employees fairly & legally. For our payroll service clients, we will be reviewing your records and contacting you individually for any changes needed in the first payroll in July.

For questions regarding implementing the minimum wage increases or to talk with us about the payroll services we provide, give JGC a call at 503-390-7880.


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